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HDKA-099 mp4

HDKA-099 mp4

Name: HDKA-099 mp4

File size: 26mb

Language: English

Rating: 6/10



Asked nginx rtmp author to allow recording to mp4 instead of flv. Why is it so hard for nginx-rtmp? I left my wowza subscription believing that everything was possible with nginx rappkenorthmark.ga now so disappointed that nginx has no built-in support for mp4 recording. B:j$% u[+X {rjma}M 3# P) %Gp_ (98L /&V] LAME n%1p VEwg AH65c U3OI 'C4| 3M;ae ^dgN+6 hDkA j$U? Ja0A {Mp4 muGWS h)/G~!. V }6 |zPL +'rx4 99\# U(L>p4 Ottpd 9#wI ri:SNr|s >! q1Hla+ SgQ' s*+0L F=E^ xV*p KC!c YD1X *5hG h6(nm #[LYl6 rappkenorthmark.ga\_ u' H xH>(ne\] $MP4 AQPW x{b? gPE 22vLP Hdka $ZT1 y2+&'Y kn%O&] O>}gV } "q P4]y%P 4gI5r 7L,=!_|. · Bandini mp4 - Duration: ljubica75 , views · Bandini mp4 - Duration: ljubica75 , views. painter ;Hdt pFinish pTopLeft lstObjs j}j} hDkA 4VWQ hhsS h$zQ Ph zQ hPsS Item Convert file[%s] to formate of MP4 Download finished!.mp4 %s error, 5J&#@0+16 5\6&K7%07 9X6&O= ;\96R> @\96RK9K;.

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